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Being thoughtful for life, for people and gifts, is a vital part of our relationships with one another.  When praise and appreciation are experienced, we are enabled to relate on a deeper level.


  1. Recall a time when you were thanked.  How was the gratitude expressed?  How did you feel?
  2. How are relationships deepened in everyday life?


Remember how we gather together at school – assemblies, our class reflection, whole school mass at our church.

In this strange time, how are you keeping in touch with family and friends?  Can you draw a picture or make a card for somebody you miss?



Learning focus: Initial sounds scavenger hunt (with a different set of letters)
Practise saying single letter sounds (phonemes) in sets:  

1. s   a   t   p  

2. i   n   m   d

3. g   o   c   k

4. e   u   r  y

5. h   b   f   l

6. j   v   w   x

Take a set each day – can you find an item in your home the begins with each of the letter sounds (phonemes) in a set? For example:  Set 1. sock, apple, tin, pan Can you complete all of the sets in a week? For an extra challenge, can you order them in alphabetical order? 



Expressive Arts and Design

Learning Objective: Sings songs, makes music Sings songs, makes music and dances and experiments with ways of changing them.

Don’t forget we are trying to compile the whole class singing I Can Sing a Rainbow.  Have a listen to the link on the Homework front page and watch the video so far.  Sing a section of the song and send it to

If you have already sent in a clip of you singing the Rainbow song then thank you.  Perhaps you could sing a different song.  Send me a video and/or sing your song to a family member maybe by phone or video?  Happy singing 


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