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Thursday 21st

Good morning

Good morning everyone, hope you are doing all right still and enjoying the warm weather. Penultimate day before our half term, where we can all have a bit of a relax.  



Reflect on the importance of telling the truth. Why is it always the best thing to do?



Guided reading- I have put up the whole of the book below, for you to enjoy sharing and reading together until the end of term. Remember that it does not all have to be read by the children. However, can be read by anyone.  

Writing- following on from the mind mapping yesterday, we are going to story map what could have happened to Max when he was exploring the park. Think about your park and its features, where Max would go and explore. Your story map needs to show Max’s journey around your park. 



Arithmetic- Have a go at speed saying your 5 times table. Time how quickly you can count up to 12x5 and back down again.

Challenge- Yesterday we reviewed times that are quarter past the hour. Today we are going to combine the weeks learning and add in the time quarter to the hour. Quarter to means that there are 15 minutes until the next o’clock time. Quarter to is shown on a clock by the large minute hand pointing towards the 9 and the small hour hand almost to the next hour number. There is a game here to play. You have to recognise the time on the clock and then write it using the numbers below.


TopicWe are going to have a think about the points of the compass. How many points does a compass have? Do you know their names? Can you think of a rhyme or poem to remember them all? There are 4 points of the compass; North, South, East and West. You can remember them with a rhyme such as Never Eat Shredded Wheat. The backyard forest school video here will help you explore the points of the compass and find out where the wind comes from. A reminder that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.