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Daily reflection and Music (Reach for the Stars)

Good morning Pixies :-)

We picked this song for you today, to remind you that we are always here for you. Listen carefully to the lyrics - and remember to reach for those stars!


S Club 7: Reach for the Stars - lyrics

Join in with the good morning song and we'll see if we can hear you! :-)



smiley If you set up an Oxford Owl account before the Easter holiday then please choose a story on there to read. Alternatively, find a book that you haven't read for a while or one that you are not so familiar with. Is there anything new that you notice this time?



Read our class book 'Wild' from start to finish. Talk to your grown up about what part you like best and why. Now can you go to the end of the book where the wild child is happily swinging from a branch. What might she be thinking? What do you think she could be saying to the other animals? Saved below is a picture of the wild child with a thinking bubble and a speech bubble. Have a go at filling these in. If you haven't got access to a printer, draw the wild child and get a grown up to help you draw a speech bubble and thinking bubble.







Warm up ready for Phonics!


heartFollow the link and choose six letters that you could improve writing. Remember to select the cursive option and put the sound on for fun! Choose how you would like to practise writing them - with crayons, using chalk, a pencil and paper...however you wish!


heartWe have been learning the ear sound. Can you read these words:


years, beard, near, dear, fear, rear, clear, hear, gear, tears

Now write them down and add sound buttons!


Maths Follow the link to watch the ten times table song. Have a go at the activities below the song.


Problem solving - find the Counting in tens maze sheet below. Can you get through the maze by counting in tens? As an extra challenge, once you're finished, write the route down in ten times table format!


Computing (Digital Technology)

Watch this short clip about the Internet. Play it a second time to make sure you have listened carefully to the information. The Internet plays a big part in our lives, even more so at the moment to keep in touch with family and friends. Think about the different ways that your family uses the internet. Draw a picture of your house and around it draw pictures or write words to show the different things you use the internet for. I will start you off - using the school website smiley 


It's nearly the weekend Pixies - tomorrow we will have that Friday feeling!

Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx