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Hello Year 6, 

Some of you may have spotted already that yesterday I uploaded my first video to the 'Video Resource Centre' on our website. (It is an option under the 'Children' tab on the website main page) 

Sorry the quality is not the best - it took a while to get this to load but hopefully I can keep working on it for you all. Keep an eye as more videos will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Enjoy today's home learning and have a super day. 

Love, Miss Moore. xx

Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Apples float on water – give it a go! laugh



Arithmetic: An arithmetic test for you all today. It’s attached below – it is arithmetic test 9.

For today’s Maths please follow the link to the start of the summer term maths home learning. Start with Lesson 4: Angles in a triangle – missing angles and have a go at the activity too.



Today we will be working on developing your skills of retrieval and developing your explanations to key information and characters etc. Please see the PiXL PowerPoint attached below.

Continue reading your own book at home too – email me to let me know what you are currently reading at



Please see the PowerPoint attached below – using vocabulary precisely and concisely. Similar to the previous days work through the PowerPoint and follow the instructions carefully.



Get some fresh air today if you can – make sure you get some sort of exercise at home or outside every day. Maybe you can have a go at this today too – ‘Chilli Chilli’ laughyes



The focus of this lesson is on Inheritance. Hopefully you can explain what inheritance means after your science work on Tuesday. I’ve attached a PowerPoint to help with your learning today. There are three activities to complete:

  1. Look at the key vocabulary for this unit. Read the words and then write a sentence to explain what they mean.
  2. For this activity you will need a photograph of your parents – or just look at them very closely whilst at home. Investigate the characteristics you have inherited from your parents by closely examining theirs and your own. Write down what you think you have inherited from that parent. – You can use the worksheet attached to help you record this task of you wish.
  3. Look through the inherited characteristic cards – can you decide what characteristics are inherited and which ones are acquired? Check the PowerPoint for the meaning of inherited and acquired.


The science from today can be completed tomorrow as there are quite a few tasks to finish. Hope you’ve all had a positive and productive day. x