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Thursday 14th

Good Morning

Hi everyone, one day to go until the weekend and then only one week till the half term! Where is the time going! I am still missing you all so much! Keep safe and well.



Celebrate that we are made in God’s image; draw a self-portrait or a portrait of someone in your home.



Guided Reading – You have a few days to read chapter 4 now. What do you think is going to happen next in the story? I would like you to create 3 predictions for what will happen next in the story. They can be written predictions, drawn pictures, story maps or anything else you would like.

Writing – Tomorrow we are going to write our letters to Mrs Huotari about our hedgehog crossings. We came up with some ideas yesterday for what we could say. Today we are going to map out the letter we want to write. We are going to give Mrs Huotari three reasons to build it. Can you order your three reasons?

SPAG – Another use for the apostrophe is to show that something belongs to someone else. I kicked Joe’s ball. In the sentence the ball belongs to Joe. The ‘ and s show that it belongs. Can you try and use apostrophes in the sheet below.



Arithmetic – We are going to have a mix day today, we are going to practice little bits of lots of things. Give the challenge mat below a go!

Investigation – We are going to finish our position and direction topic today with a discussion and collaboration over patterns. Can you do the discussion problems together?


RE – We discussed earlier in the week what community maybe to each of us. We belong to range of different communities, each thing we do is another community we belong too. We can belong to multiple communities at a time, such as school, guides, beavers, swimming, football. Below are rings that get bigger in size and place in the world. Can you think of a community for each of the circles.