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Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

A ostrich’s eye is bigger than its whole brain! WOW!  

I hope the home learning is going well. Remember you can always email any queries or work to me at :   

Miss Moore x


I thought I would re-introduce the arithmetic tests for Thursdays as that is what we would be doing if in school. You can print the test or answer the questions straight into your exercise books. Usually you would have 20 minutes to complete this. It’s up to you whether you want the extra challenge of timing yourself. I have saved it below in ‘Thursday documents’.


Please follow the link to Lesson 4: Step 2 – Introduce angles.  Follow up the lesson with the activity too.


Creative Writing:  ‘Alma’.

Now it’s your turn to write your own narrative based on Alma and the toy shop.

Look through this week’s lesson notes and ensure you are happy with what you have gathered – ensure it is enough to get you writing.

Produce a mind map/ or rough plan to think about your beginning, middle, end.

You are going to be re-telling the story based on the video.


  • Third person narrative
  • Thoughts and feelings
  • Varied senses
  • Imagery (similes/metaphors/personification)
  • Ambitious vocabulary & punctuation

This will take some time today. To ensure your best work find somewhere quiet to write with little distractions. Give yourself plenty of breaks too so that you do not tire out too quickly. Good luck Unicorns! J

Reading: Take time to read a book you enjoy today – if it’s sunny sit outside and read or find somewhere cosy inside for a bit of peace and quiet.   


E-Safety/ Online Well-being:

I am aware that during this time at home it can be very easy to spend the majority of your time on your phone, computer, gaming or tablet etc. Please try to spend some time away from the screens and have a technology break.  In ‘Thursday documents’ I’ve attached a PowerPoint about E-safety and your well-being which would be good to go through with an adult. The task I would like to to do is on slide 16.

  • Create a set of rules about the use of screen time in your house.
  • Think about tech free zones and time limits.


Enjoy your day everyone.laugh