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Silly SATS Day

Monday: Good Morning Unicorns,

I cannot believe today would have been the start of the SATs week for you Year 6. I must say I am so very proud of how hard you have all continued to work from home – a big well done to you all.

Today I have planned slightly differently and I hope you enjoy the ‘Silly SATs’ activities.



A ‘Silly SATS’ Reasoning paper for you – click the PowerPoint below and work through the questions – remember, they are silly!


 enlightenedI have attached Test 2 from the PiXL summer arithmetic tests – have a go at this one today. But you must follow these rules carefully.


  1. Firstly, can you answer question 5 first. As 5 is my favourite number.
  2. Next, answer any questions with subtraction in.
  3. Can you answer a question that you think is super EASY next?
  4. Finally, answer what is left of the odd numbered questions.
  5. Have you answered the percentage question yet? Better do that now.
  6. You shouldn’t have many left now. Just some even numbered questions.
  7. Do you think you have all ten right? Maybe test a grown up and see if they can do as well as you!
  8. Phew… you’ve earned yourself a quick toilet break. Woooo!



I have completed a Grammar paper for you – you’re welcome. Can you have a go at marking it please? How did I do? See the documents below – it is the ‘Silly SATs’ Grammar test PowerPoint.



Click the documents below to see the ‘Silly SATs’ Reading paper for you to have a go at. If possible, you will need a grown up to help you mark the questions at the end. Please read the questions carefully and remember, it is supposed to be SILLY.wink


heartSATS – Share, A, Talent:

Calling all Unicorns to SHARE A TALENT – as this is a slightly unusual SATs week, let’s make it fun and do what we can from home. I thought you could all share a talent with me; send me a very short video clip (no sound- if possible) of your talent! It would be great if everyone could do this – I would love to put these all together into a video for you all as a memory of our very special SATs week. Which we will call it – Share A Talent.

Send your clips to Miss Moore at:  I know some of you are in a class ‘Whatsapp’ group so if you can spread the word it would be great to have everyone involved.


Hope you have all enjoyed today! Love, Miss Moore. xxheart