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SATS Message

Just remember, Unicorns.


Today is the day it should have all started,

Class breakfasts, the tests – your knowledge imparted.


But today you are at home, safe and online.

Waiting for the world to settle, it just needs a little time.


Each of you has worked so hard for this time to come.

But the SATs are not happening; it is okay to feel a little glum.


Just remember what you have achieved and who you are now,

Tell the world, your family, be proud and take a bow.


Please know your hard work will pay off and you will all see,

You will be secondary ready – I bet you all agree.


My lovely Unicorns, I want you to know how special you all are,

Even though we cannot be together and I must tell you from afar,


What matters most is that you are all safe and well.

In the future this will be one crazy story we can all tell.


Year 6 of 2020, with you I will always beam with pride,

How you have powered through and take each day in your stride.


But, the year is not over and I cannot wait to see,

Year 6 back together, our one big Unicorn family.


Love, Miss Moore. X


May 2020