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Reporting Positive Covid-19 Tests for Pupils during Easter Holidays

Dear parents and carers,


If your child tests positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19) during the Easter break (02 April 2021 – 18 April 2021 inclusive), please report this to the school via our Trust’s positive pupil case notification form, which can be accessed here: Report your child has tested positive for Covid-19


Please be aware that if your child records a positive result for Covid-19 using a rapid LFD test kit at home, a PCR test should be booked online or by calling 119 to confirm the positive result. Whilst awaiting the PCR test result your child and their close contacts should self-isolate.


Please ensure that you complete the positive pupil case notification form as soon as possible if your child tests positive using a rapid LFD test, please do not wait for the result of the PCR test.


Please remember that the results of all rapid LFD tests taken at home, both positive and negative, should be reported to the NHS via this address:


Many thanks and best wishes for a Happy Easter,

Stella Maris Catholic Primary Schoo