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Planning for Reopening Schools

As you are aware, the Government is requesting that schools make plans to begin opening schools on the 1st June, starting with years R, 1 and 6. So, for us that is Imps, Pixies and Unicorns. This is a plan and not definitely going to happen, nevertheless, we must be prepared. Our first job is to find out which children would be returning to school. The Government is strongly encouraging those children to return to school, but, it is your choice as parents as to whether or not you send them. It is important that both yourselves and the children understand that school will be very different until all the children return. For example, the children will be split  into small teams and will not be able to mix with other children and the learning will initially be focused on well-being.


More details will follow when we know how many children we are planning for. Would the parents of these three classes please complete the questionnaire that can be found on our website under Latest News.   We ask that you respond whatever your decision by Monday 18th May at 9 am, informing us of the your decision.​


School will remain open for those children of key workers too.


Return to school - June 1st Questionnaire