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Learning Objective

Speaking:  Develops their own narratives and explanations by connecting ideas or events.

Tell a grown up about Biscuit Bear’s friends and the circus acts that they perform.  Which is your favourite? 

(remember the knife thrower, fire eater, biscuit getting shot out of the ketchup bottle, acrobats, trapeze artist….)

Expressive Arts and Design: Safely uses and explores a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function.

Can you draw some of the biscuits?  Add some costumes using bits of cloth or natural materials from outside


Maths: Uses the language of more and fewer to compare two sets.

Gather some objects and place in two groups.  Play a game with a grown up to see who has more or fewer.


 Keep up with Phonics Play.


You could do some more Easter crafts and have a look at MASC Kath's Krafts if you have access to Facebook.