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Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class

Good Morning Pixies, 

We hope that you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Your very last week as a Pixie!!




-Choose a book to read for at least ten minutes either to your adult or to your teddy bears or to yourself!

-When you are reading keep a look out for those tricky words, you will find a list of tricky words in the resources. 

-If you find any of the tricky words in your book, you could underline them or put a colourful circle around the word on the list. How many did you find? 



-In the book ‘The Storm Whale’ it says, “one night a great storm had raged around their house.” What does this make you think about? What do you think is happening in the picture?

-Use the link to help you explore what a seaside storm is like.

-Use chalks or paints or crayons etc to create what you visualise when this sentence is read to you and after you have watched the storm clip. 

-We would love to see your wonderful pieces of art so don’t forget to email us a picture of your finished product.



-Today we are thinking about the grapheme ow. Use the video link to remind you how to pronounce this sound.

-We can also pronounce this grapheme in a different way. Use the following link to hear the alternative way.

-Look at the following words and decide which ow sound was used:

Cow             Owl             Brown          Snow           Low             Window                 Show           Crown          Frown          



- In maths this week we are continuing to think about time. Last week you began to think about o’clock and we are going to continue with this today.

-Remember that the clock has two hands, a bigger one and a smaller one. The bigger hand tells you the minutes and the small hand tells you the hour. Use the video clip to remind you of o’clock.

-Create your own interactive clock using the template in resources or you could create your own if you have some coloured card etc at home. 

-Ask you adult if they can help you find different o’clock times and see if you can show them on your new clock!



-Have a little think about happy times spent at home and with your family. How does your family show that they love you?

-Even when there are sad times in our families, there is still lots of love. How do you show your family that you love them?

-Find a good stick outside in your garden or when out for a walk. You can decorate the stick if you would like with ribbon or wool etc. 

-Use the heart template provided in the resources or create your own heart shape, decorate and stick to your stick. Place your heart stick somewhere in your home as a reminder of all the love around. 

-If you would like to send in a picture of your heart stick that would be wonderful. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx