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Daily Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Good Morning Pixies!

Well, what a funny old week! We made it through the first week and we all seem to be so busy at home. We absolutely love seeing all of your pictures, thank you so much. Keep Smiling!




Can you read a non-fiction book today? Read for 10 minutes. Try and find out something today that you didn’t know before and tell your grown up. Maybe if you are reading a cookery book you could even do some baking afterwards. 


Look at the image provided (on the template) and discuss with someone in your house what you see. Write some descriptive sentences to go with the picture, using the template provided at the bottom of the page.

-Think about the following questions: Why are the animals sitting around the football? Why is the football so large? What are they going to do next?



Think about the sound oa, o_e and ow. Can you think of words for each of these?

Play Phonics Pop using the following link and choosing the sound above.



-Sing along to the counting in tens song using the following link

-Can you count in 10’s from 10 to 100? 

-Complete the counting in 10’s worksheet at the bottom of the page.



- Talk about how Jesus’ death on Good Friday was not the end of the story and in the Gospels we hear how Jesus was given new life by God his Father on the third day after he died.  We call that day Easter Sunday.  Read the story of the Resurrection using the link and discuss.

-Create a banner or a decoration that can be used to celebrate Easter. Don’t forget to send us your pictures. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x