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Good Morning

Hi Everyone, I hope you had great weekends and enjoyed yourselves as much as you could. I sent out this week’s zoom lessons, there are 3. We have our standard English and Maths as well as a special one for our world faith day on Tuesday. If you have not received them, please email me or contact the office.



Our theme for reflection this week is goodness.



Guided Reading – I have attached the next section of our pirates story for you to read and share at home. I hope you are enjoying the comic style. We will be trying to create our comics through the week and next.

Writing – We are going to do shared writing on Zoom today.



Arithmetic – Can you find an answer to my fraction problem? I have 25 pencils. 3/5 of them get lost. How many pencils am I left with?

Challenges – We are continuing to think about fractions today by exploring what a half is and how to find them. The video for this learning is here and the challenges are below.


Topic and Computing – I would like you create a pirate map, on a computer if you can but in any other way if you can’t. Think about where your treasure may be hidden and what features your map would have.