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“Goodness is the harvest that is produced from the seeds that peacemakers plant in peace.”

James 3:18



Learning Objective:  6Spell some words correctly and make phonetically plausible attempts at others.

Together find out some information about brown bears.  Children ask questions – adult to prompt- where do they come from?  What do they eat? etc

Create a fact sheet about brown bears.  Adult to show an example. Discuss what is needed in a fact sheet – e.g. pictures and information



Watch the video to recap all phase 3 single sounds, digraphs and trigraphs.  Stop the video when appropriate and give children a selection of words to write containing certain sounds.  Give a caption or sentence including a tricky word for the children to write.


 Learning Objective:  They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

Adult to model doubling by counting out objects and then counting out the same number again and explaining that they have doubled the original number.

Children to gather a selection of natural resources, leaves, stones, daisies etc.  Sitting opposite another child or an adult, one of them places a number of objects in front of the and, like looking in a mirror, the other places the same number of objects down to double the original number.  Children count all to find a total and say “double 3 makes 6” etc.  Children can do this by holding up fingers to each other.


Learning Objective: Safely uses and explores a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function

Create a bear’s den; what will you need in there? What if it was a story bear rather than a real bear?