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Good Morning

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok and have had good weekends. I hope you got my zoom invites on Friday for this week’s zoom gatherings, Tuesday for English and Thursday for Maths. If you did not please email me or get in touch with the school office and we can get the details out to you.






Guided Reading – I have uploaded the first few pages from a Pirates of the Caribbean comic. Share them with each other. What did you enjoy about reading it? What didn’t you enjoy about it? Discuss these with each other.

Writing – Over the next 2 weeks we are going to plan out a pirate story, write it and then finally turn it into a graphic novel like the one shared in guided reading today. Our first task is to begin to think about what our story could be about. Mind map as many different pirate stories as you can.



Arithmetic – Today we are going to recap the multiplication work you did last week and have a Times Tables Rockstars arithmetic morning.

Challenges – Today we are going to look at dividing. We are going to think about sharing items around different people or groups. The video is here and the challenges below.


RE – Our theme for Re over these last few weeks of term is going to be titled Treasure. We are going to explore the treasures we have in our lives, the treasures we can find in others, the treasures found in Church and the treasures found in the Bible. To begin this theme I would like you to draws a picture of yourself. Around the self-portrait you have drawn, I would like you to write down everything you think is valuable and important to you.