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Think of all the little successes you have had in the last week, be proud of what you have achieved.



LO: Read and interpret tables


This week we will again be recapping some previous learning from the Autumn term.


Here is the link for the video:


The worksheets can be found at the bottom of this page.



Writing in Role

  • Read the next two pages that express the conversation between Dog and Magpie and the conversation between Fox and Magpie.


  • In what ways does the dialogue differ and what does it tell us about the characters and their relation to one another?
  • Take the time to consider the contrast between the two illustrations in terms of the use of colour, light and shade and the positioning of the two characters in relation to one another and what this suggests about the different dynamics between the characters.
  • Write down your ideas and thoughts.
  • Read onto the next page and stop at, “I am ready.”

  • Think about the feelings of Dog and Magpie towards each other.
  • Choose to write either a goodbye letter from Magpie or a letter from Dog appealing to Magpie to stay.    



How do you know if you can trust a website?

Work your way through the BBC Bitesize site and activities here: