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Good morning Griffins,

It seems like we haven't seen you in ages but it has only been a week!

We miss you so much and hope you are all keeping well. It has been really nice for us to look at your videos and photos from home. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Langley and I are looking forward to seeing all the brilliant learning and creating you complete this week too. Sending huge hugs your way! blush



Think of all the little successes you have had in the last week.




Using brackets, dashes, or commas to indicate parenthesis

parenthesis is a new idea or thought inserted into a sentence that would make sense without it.

This might be done using brackets:

Mount Everest (the highest mountain in the world) is part of the Himalayas.

A pair of dashes:

Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world – is part of the Himalayas.

Or commas:

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is part of the Himalayas.

You should try and use these different ways of inserting a new idea into your writing that follows this lesson.


Watch the video below for additional examples;




Class Book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies


Narrative writing

 Listen from ‘Green spread through the city…’ to the end.

Draft, edit and publish a description of the city ‘in full bloom’ which explores how the people within the city (or the character of the girl) has changed also.

This will take at least two sessions, maybe three.

Mon- Begin to write a draft

Tuesday- Edit the draft, can you add or substitute any words or phrases in your writing? Is the punctuation and spelling accurate? Do you need paragraphs? Can you insert parenthesis for extra detail? (See Monday’s GPS)

Wednesday- Begin to write out your final piece with a real focus on presentation and neatness.



LO: Subtract Fractions

Pages 27 and 28, work through examples together and look at the mathematical talk section.

Classroom secrets hmk pages. Choose Developing, Expected or Greater Depth level. (see below)


This Khan academy might make it  easier to understand:




Describe and show an understanding of what Passover is, what it represents and how Jewish people celebrate it today. Make notes and present them in an organised way, add drawings if you like.

Go to: