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Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Good Morning Pixies, 

Can you believe it…. our 500-mile walk for charity has finished and in total we walked an amazing 588 miles in total and raised over £1300 in charity. You are little heroes. 

It was so much fun, we hope you enjoyed doing it! 




-Choose a different space to read a book of your choice for ten minutes. 

-If you read a really good book could you let us know and we can tell the other Pixies as they might like to read it too. 

-Maybe you could tell us about the good book that you have read and write a blurb. You might inspire a fellow Pixie to read it!



-What does non-fiction mean? Think about all the animals that can be found in our story ‘The Snail and The Whale.’

-Use the template provided in resources and brainstorm anything you know about each animal. Write the facts down under the correct animal.

-Find out some extra facts about the animals that you could add to your brainstorm. Can you find any fun facts about the animals?

-Add drawings to your brainstorm too.



-Recap on the sounds from the previous week, making sure you can say each sound correctly (wh, ph, ew, oe, au and ey).

-Today we are thinking about the sound i_e, this is called a split diagraph. Use the link to help you pronounce this sound correctly.

-Use the following link to play forest phonics, choosing our sound for today i_e.

-Can you think of any words with the split diagraph in?



-Recap on numbers to 100 from the precious week by writing different numbers to 100. 

-This week we are thinking about money and today we are trying to recognise different coins. If you have any coins at home, ask your grown up to show you them. Have a really good look as each coin is different! Do you know how much each coin is worth? 

-Watch the video link below that explains the different coins.

-Complete the coins challenge worksheet found in resources. 



-Think about one of our school values, share. Jesus wanted us to share with people all over the world, to be good neighbours.

-Read the story of the fishes and loaves found below in the resources. Talk about what happened in the story. Maybe retell the story to someone in your house. 

-Watch the video clip of the story using the link below.

-Bake some cakes that you can share with others. Don’t forget to send us some pictures of your treats, we would love to see them and let us know who you shared them with. Have fun baking!

-Over the week try to make sure that you share!


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x