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Good Morning

Hi everyone, I hope you are well and had the greatest weekends you could. I hope those that joined our zoom on Thursday had a really enjoyable time. Look out for the invites coming out today. We will try and fit in 2 this week!



We have begun a new reflection theme this week. Our picture theme will be reverence.


Guided Reading – Today is a you choose day. You can do any reading activities you would like. Below is a reading bingo grid. It has some great ideas for you to use if you would like.

Writing and Research – This week we are going to create a fact file on a famous pirate. We are going to research a pirate today. You can find lots of different pirates and facts about them here You can pick any pirate and to try to find out information such as when they were born, when they died, what they were famous for, how long they were a pirate, what their ship was called, what their flag looked like and anything else you think is interesting.



Arithmetic – On Friday, we explored and looked at number bonds to 100. Today I would like you to practice these again. Pick any number between 0 and 99. Then work out the bond to 100 and write the fact families down for it. Here is an example:





Investigation – Today we are going to start to have a look at multiplication, the maths of counting groups and amounts of a number. The video for this is here and the investigations are below.


RE – After Jesus had returned to his father, God, in Heaven the Holy Spirit return to the disciples. This event is recreated in the picture below. What does this painting make you think about and feel? Mind map anything you can about this picture.