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Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class

Good Morning Pixies, 

We cannot find the words to tell you how proud we are of you for taking part in our charity walk. We have helped each other walk over 500 miles and raise over £1000 for a charity that helps so many children. Our hearts are bursting with pride! 




-Do you have any story books that have the seaside in them or maybe the ocean or some sea creatures? Find a quiet spot to read this book for at least 10 minutes. 

-Do you have any non-fiction books that tell you about the beach, the ocean or some animals that you may find at the beach or in the sea? Find one fact that you could share. 



-Read the story of the Snail and the Whale from the beginning to the end with someone at home, if you have the book or you can listen to the story being read using the following link

-Talk about what happened throughout the story and see if you can remember all the little details from beginning to end. Did you forget anything?

-Using a blank piece of paper, begin to draw a story map, showing the different events in order of what happened. Also use the book/reading link to help you remember each section. 

-Remember to use lots of colours and to either use numbers to show the order or arrows etc. 

-Are you able to retell the story so far using your story map?



-Today we are thinking about the graphemes ‘wh’ and ‘ph.’ Can you say each of these sounds and can you write them down? Can you write them in the air? Use the following links to help you say these sounds out loud.

-Can you read the sentences found in resources? Can you identify these sounds in the sentences?

-Can you think of your own words that contain these sounds? Write them or paint them on a piece of paper.



-Practice writing random numbers to 100. Ask someone at home to shout out a number and you write it down. Make sure you write your numbers correctly!

-We are thinking about ordering numbers to 100. When we order numbers from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest, we always look at the tens number first and then the ones number. 

-Look through the Ordering Numbers Power point found in resources and see if you can work through the examples. Use your hundred square or your number line from the previous week to help you. 

-Complete the ordering numbers worksheet found in resources. 



-Read Mark 6:30-32 and discuss what it says. 

-We have been thinking about being a good neighbour. How can we be good a neighbour to others? Think about what you can do.

-Read the story found in resources and discuss how the character is being a good neighbour, what is he doing to be a good neighbour?

-Draw lots of mini pictures of you being a good neighbour. Write a sentence to describe what you are doing in each picture e.g. helping to buy some shopping for grandma etc.

-Think about an action you could carry out this week, how can you be a kind and caring neighbour? You could let us know by email or send a picture of you completing your act. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x