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Find a quiet place to think about:

Listen to our reflection music (youtube):



LO: Add whole numbers with more than 4 digits (column method)

This week we will be recapping some previous learning from the Autumn term.

The video can be found here:


The worksheets can be found at the bottom of this page with an additional set of questions to work through if you want a challenge.



Emotion Line

All of the pages of the book that you need today can be found at the end of this lesson.

Read the beginning of the next page: 
 DAYS, perhaps a week later, she WAKES with a rush of grief, Dog is waiting. He persuades her to go with him to the riverbank. 

  • What is the significance of the words that have been capitalised? Why might the words, ‘DAYS,’ and ‘WAKES’ be emphasised in this way? What do these words suggest about Magpie’s state of mind and Dog’s character?
  • Now take on the role of Magpie in the moment that she wakes. In order to fully comprehend and appreciate the depths of sadness suggested by the expression, ‘rush of grief’ we are going to use an emotion line to create a spectrum of sadness.
  • Act out awakening as magpie and physicalize through yourr body language, facial expression and sound the extent of the emotions detailed below. The way in which you express the feeling should intensify as you move along the emotion line:
  1. Emotion 1 – Irritable
  2. Emotion 2 – sad/ upset
  3. Emotion 3 - dejected
  4. Emotion 4 – depressed
  5. Emotion 5 – Grief stricken 
  • Reread the beginning of the page and reflect further on your view of Dog and the way he responds to Magpie knowing how challenging it would be to engage her given her state of mind. Revisit your character outlines from a previous lesson, what further words or phrases might you add to describe your view of the characters? In what ways have your views changed and why?


  • Read onto, ‘Reflected in the water are clouds and sky and trees – and something else. “I see a strange new creature! she says.’ Why do you think the last thing that Magpie notices is herself and Dog? What does this suggest? Why do you think the author ordered what Magpie saw in the way that she did? What does the use of words, strange and new suggest about how the relationship and story might develop


  • Read onto, ‘“That is us,” says Dog.’ What does the use of the word us suggest about how Dog views their relationship?
  • Look at the illustration. In what ways does the illustrator unify the two animals above the water in the image reflected back to make them appear as one?


  • Read the last line on the page; “Now hold on tight!” What is the significance of this command? What might this suggest about Dog’s intention, what will happen next and how their relationship might develop?


  • Read onto the next page, up until, ‘I will be your missing eye, and you will be my wings.’ What has caused the shift in mood? 




Look at the sheet in the resources section below and use the emojis to say how you feel about each of the subjects.

Write down why you feel the way you do about them. If it is a negative emotion, what could you do to turn it into a more positive one?