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Morning Griffins!

Did you all have a good weekend? I managed not to get any balloon related injuries, you'll be glad to know! I hope the learning is going well and that you are all feeling ok. Ella was wondering if we could have a Griffins quiz which I think is a great idea. We will try to set something up for Friday so watch this space! This is the last week of school work before half term. Miss you and love you all so much,

Mrs. L x x x



During our music today I would like you to think happy thoughts. Think about people and places that make you smile. Think about why you like those things and why they bring you joy. When things next get tough, remember that you don’t need to think negatively-YOU can change what goes on in your mind!



Remember you do not have to copy out all of the questions, especially if they use complicated diagrams.

Your answers and any workings out are enough.


Lessons this week from Summer Term – Week 3 (w/c 4th May)

Please just watch the video for lesson 1, don't complete the worksheet.

Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digit numbers (area model)


Now watch lesson and complete the sheet too: Lesson 2 - Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits

The sheet for lesson 2 can also be found in the resources at the bottom of this page.



Remember to read for 20-30 mins a day. Write down any words you can not read or any that you do not understand from your book.

Session 18: Story plan.

Today we want you to start planning your own adventure story.

In the resources section at the bottom of the page you will find a planning sheet, use this for how to structure your story.

On the planning sheet it talks about a main event/problem and then the resolution/solution. In Stormbreaker there are lots of mini problems and solutions, not just one.

Remember, this is for you to note down ideas in. Do not start writing the actual story yet, we will do this in stages over the course of the week.


Read or listen to the next chapter of the story (audio below, middle of pg 97 to the top of pg 101 PDF).


Audio book link for Chapter 15, 'Eleven O'Clock' here:

Chapter 15, Part 1


Art and Design

Today we are going to have a go at Origami.

Open the lesson resource below to see your challenge!


Planning template

Art lesson- Origami