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Daily Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Good Morning Pixies, 

We hope that you had a good weekend. Are you ready to start our fundraiser for the Catholic Children's Society? We are so excited to complete this challenge……. we can do this together!!! Get your walking shoes on and don’t forget to send a picture of your miles when you have completed a walk. 




-How are your superhero reading charts coming along? If you have not started one yet and would like to, you can collect one from the school office when on your daily walk or you can find it in last week’s resources. 

-Choose a book to read for at least 5-10minuntes in an unusual place.  If you would like to take a picture and send it in that would be great! Can you think of any interesting places to read?

-Check out this link for free online reading books.



-As we come to the end of our work on our book called ‘Wild’ think about all the events that took place. Go back and read the book if you need to and also look back at your story maps from the previous week.

-Can you tell someone in your house what happened in the beginning of the story?

-Today we would like you to begin to write the story in your own words, just the beginning today! You can write the beginning, or you can type it. There is a template in resources if you would like to use it. 

-Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops. Also try to include as much description as you can. Remember to make your writing exciting.



-Use the link to find some tricky word cards. Can you read the words on these cards?

-Try and see if you can spell these tricky words too.

-Look at the story on the following link and see if you can spot any of tricky words whilst reading it.



-This week we are learning about fractions and we are going to begin with finding halves!

-Look at the following link and this will help you to find half of shapes.

-Remember each half must be the same size/equal size otherwise it is not half.

-Complete the finding halves worksheets at the bottom of the page. 

-Maybe you could have a pizza for tea or a round biscuit or a chocolate bar one day this week and try and cut it into half. 



-To complete our RE unit this week think about how sometimes we might argue with our brothers and sisters or adults and how it is really important to say sorry when we have done something wrong. 

-Write a short prayer using the template found in resources or use your own, asking God to help you say sorry, to guide you when things are difficult etc. You can decorate your prayer or draw a picture to go with it. 

-Remember how we begin a prayer (Dear God, Heavenly Father etc) and how we finish a prayer (amen).



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x