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Daily Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Morning Pixies,

We hope you had a wonderful extra-long weekend and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. Did you take part in any VE day celebrations?




-Choose a book, non-fiction or fiction to read for at least ten minutes. Choose a nice quiet space to read your book in.

-If there are any words you find are a little tricky, write them down and ask a grown up or big brother or sister to help you use your sounds to work the words out.

-Can you remember/recognise those tricky words at the end of the day? 


- Read the story ‘Wild’ again form the beginning to the end. Don’t forget you can find the book on week one, Monday resources. 

-Think about/Talk about the different events that take place. What happens first? What happens next etc?

-Draw a picture for each event that takes place in the story. You can either draw lots if pictures on one page or you can draw lots of pictures on separate sheets. 

-Once you have drawn all of your pictures, check through the book and make sure that you have included each event. 



-Think about the ur sound. Can you think of any words with this sound in?

-Can you make this sound. Watch the following links

-Read the ur sound sentences one at a time and then complete the action it tells you to do!



-This week we are thinking about some news words…. mass and weight. Do you know what they mean?

-Watch the following link to help you begin to think about mass and weight

-Look around your house and garden and find 10 heavy items and 10 light items. Record your items on the worksheet at the bottom of the page or write them down on some paper. 

-From all of the items you have found, which is the heaviest do you think? Which is the lightest?



-Think about the two stories we read last week about the tax collectors, Matthew and Zacchaeus. If you need to remind yourself of the stories, then they can be found on Monday and Tuesday’s resources from last week. 

-This week we are thinking about how we can be kind and how we can shine God’s light in the world. Can you try and do one random act of kindness this week? 

-Draw a large heart outline on some paper, a canvas etc. Inside the heart place your painted hands. Try to stay inside the heart. See the example in the resources. 

-You can use lots of rainbow colours and you could also include your family’s hands. This will remind us to use kind hands, but it will also be a wonderful keepsake of the ‘lockdown.’ If you have completed the task on paper, you could always put it in a frame. Happy painting and creating!!


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x 

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