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Monday 30th

Good Morning

Hi Elves, I hope you all had great weekends and took the time to be with each other. I want to remind you all to keep safe and know I am thinking about you all. Also, remember that this work is just guide, you don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to do it as I set. Use it how you wish.



We have a new theme for reflection this week, it is thankfulness.

Reflection question: What do you have to be thankful for today?



Guided Reading – As we move ever closer to Easter, and to reinforce our RE learning, I have attached below a guided reading task with some reading on the events of Easter. There are some questions to go with the reading you have done. Don’t look at the last page though, the answers hidden there.

Writing – I am going to give you some freedom this week with the writing tasks. I want you to write a story. It can be any story you want it to be. We are going to do it in stages however. Today I want you to create 2 characters for your story, a good character and bad character. Draw pictures of them, give them names, describe them, can they do anything special? Put as much details as you want into your characters.

Phonics – New week, new spellings. Start the week practicing your last spelling list for this term, use the LOOK SAY COVER WRITE CHECK strategy.



Arithmetic – Addition and subtraction are the opposites of each other such as 3+4=7 and 7-3=4. How many more pairs of additions and subtractions can you think of?

Challenge – Another area of measure for us to look at is mass. Mass is the measure of how heavy something is. We can measure mass in Kg (Kilograms) and g (grams). I would like you to go round your home, weigh 10 objects in either Kg or g, and then put your results in order. Present your challenge in any way you would like.


RE – We begin to think about Eucharist now we have explored and looked at lent. I would like you to mind map anything you know about this word. If you can’t think of anything to mind map then you can research what it means and mind map what you find out.