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Daily Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class



Morning Pixies,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and have managed to keep busy. Have you seen the Pixies dancing video? It makes us smile and want to dance!! 

Well done to all those Pixies that have also sent a video of themselves reading a story. It is so lovely for your fellow Pixies to see you and enjoy your story with you.  We are so proud of how hard you are all working!!




-Find a cookbook from home, choose a recipe and read through with your grown up. Remember to use your sounds to help with those tricky words and also use the pictures as clues. If you have all the ingredients at home, you may want to bake the recipe that you have just read. If you don’t have a recipe to read, you will find one at the bottom of the page. 

-Don’t forget to also read for 10 minutes at bedtime.



-Read the poem found at the bottom of the page called ‘Squirting Rainbows’ written by Shirley Hughes. Think about the language and the words she uses. What is the poem about? We like this poem because it is about being outside, just like our book ‘Wild.’

-Can you create your own Squirting Rainbows poem? You can use the template provided at the bottom of the page or you could type your poem on the computer, or you could create your own template. We would love to read your poems or maybe you would like to read them to us, you could send a video in of you sharing your poem. Make your poem all about rainbows.

-Create your own rainbow. Watch the video link below to see how you can make your very own rainbow.



-Go to phonics ict games on the link below and choose any of the games that you would like to play.

-Print out and complete some of the phase 5 work booklet. If you don’t have a printer, write out some of the words that appear in the booklet. Can you write them correctly without looking? Remember to use your sounds!



-This week we will be thinking about the words LENGTH and HEIGHT. Do you know what they mean? Watch the video clip to help.

-Decide on three things you would like to measure the height of. Use items in your house to help you see how tall each item is. 

-Decide on three things you would like to measure the length of. Use your hands or feet to help you find the length of each object.



-Continuing to think about the choices we make, watch the video of the story called ‘Matthew the tax collector.' What  happens in the story?

-Can you pretend to ring a friend, using the telephone, and tell them everything that you found out about the story. 

-Draw or paint a picture that shows a part of the story. Or you may want to create a picture on the computer. 



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x