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Good Morning Unicorns 🦄

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Monday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

A pet hamster can run up to 8 miles a night on a wheel! Wow!  

If you have not yet done so please spend some time checking out the class photos, working wall and videos to see all the cool and wonderful things your fellow Unicorns have been getting up to. Thank you to all the children staying in touch and sending me photos and messages. I know and understand that it might not be possible to send your works over to me so please do not worry. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the tasks set for you to complete at home. Lots of Love, Miss Moore. xx


We are now on Summer Term Week 3 plans for White Rose Maths – so please follow the link to today’s learning. It is all about simplifying fractions – which will be a revision session for you. We need to keep working on fractions as you will continue to do so when you reach secondary school too. So today it’s Lesson 1: Simplify fractions. Check out the video and the worksheet activity too.

Remember BBC Bitesize also has some great Maths activities and I believe this week they match the ones set by the White Rose website too. Follow:



I have created a separate tab for GPS this week – there is a tab for GPS Quizzes under this week’s home learning. There you will find 10 different quizzes that you can use as and when you need for learning at home.


I have attached a spelling task for you today. It is rather long – so please do not worry if you do not complete it all today. You need to correct the spellings in each of the sentences – you can simply follow the instructions carefully. First have a go at correcting them without a dictionary – see if a grown up can help or check your answers. You can always send them to me too.

If you are finding it too tricky then use a dictionary to see if you can find the correct spelling there.


PS. I have attached the answers for you to check which spellings you get correct.!



Music comprehension – Listen carefully to the song ‘AnyWhere’ by Rita Ora.

 Can you answer these questions?

1) Find and copy a group of two words that mean 'happens quickly'.

2) What is a synonym for 'vacation'?

3) Find and copy a group of words from the song that describe how the singer wants to be somewhere where she is unknown. 

4) How might 'looking for a connection in a crowd' make you feel? Use evidence to support your answer.

5) 'The singer wants to run away' - Find evidence to support this statement.

Here is the link to the full lyrics for the song:



A fun learning clip for you to watch today: This clip is all about the weather. Can you pick up any new vocabulary? Create a poster displaying the new vocabulary on the weather.  I have attached a PowerPoint to help with some of the new vocabulary too.



Please make sure you have looked at this week’s daily reflections tab. I have a special task for you to do this week and if you have not yet done so then please check it out. This ties in to your RE – I would like to see evidence of you doing what makes you ‘HAPPY’. You can create a log or just send photos to our class email address. Remember – please do not worry if you are unable to contact me. This is not a problem at all.


Hope you have a good day! Love, Miss Moore. xx