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Monday 27th

Good Morning

Hi everyone, hope you had the most fantastic weekends you could. Thank you for all your messages of kindness, I am feeling better and will get back to you all very soon.



Our reflection theme this week has changed to saying sorry and being forgiving.

Take time to sit with those around you quietly and reflection on when you have said sorry recently.



Guided Reading – Below is the start of chapter 2. What do you think are the most important parts of what you have read? I want you to bullet point the three most important parts of what you have read in your opinion.

Writing – The focus of what we have read today is Max going to explore how to cross the road. We just take being able to cross the road for granted and do not have to think about it. Your task is to mind map and explore what crossing the road means to you.

SPAG – Today we are going to explore compound nouns. A noun is the noun of a person, place or thing. A compound noun is when you put two nouns together to create a new word. An example of this is play + ground is playground. There are some activities to do below working on compound nouns.



Arithmetic – I would like you to pick any number you want below 100. Then pick a second number below 10. The game is to take away the second number from the first until you can’t do take anymore away. The closest person in the game to 0 wins. There is an example of the game here:

My first number is 58. My second number is 8.








Challenge – We are carrying on the statistics side of our learning this week but changing focus. We are looking at pictograms. Pictograms are another way of recording data; here we use pictures to show the amounts of things. In the example below a smiley face is one person.

Favourite Crisp Flavour

Ready Salted - J J J J

Cheese and Onion - J J J

Salt and Vinegar - J J J J J J

So in this example; 4 people like ready salted, 3 people like cheese and onion and 6 people like salt and vinegar. There are some challenge cards below for you to try out pictograms for your self.


RE – On Thursday, you read a story about Chloe. How do you think Chloe felt having to say for her actions? Do you think she found it easy? Saying sorry is one of the hardest things we have to do. It means we recognise we were wrong. I would like you to create an emotions cloud. In the cloud, write the emotions you feel when you have to say sorry.


Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive someone. He thought he should only have to forgive them seven times. What do you think Jesus said?

Jesus replied that we should always forgive someone. He went on to say that the person saying sorry must really mean it and want forgiveness. I would like you to create a prayer asking God to help you when you say sorry. Use some of your emotions from your emotion cloud to support you.