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Monday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

You cannot talk and inhale or exhale at the same time… try it!

Another week gone by – I am still missing you all, more than ever now. I hope some of you have been able to access our class videos. They are on the Video Resource Centre – go to the website, look under the ‘Children’ tab, click ‘Video Resource Centre’ and you should spot the Unicorn Videos. I hope you enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Big virtual hugs to you all.

Miss Moore x


Angles continued – look at Lesson 1: Angles in Quadrilaterals. Watch the video closely and have a go at the activity too.


Gather all the research you have on Charles Darwin so far. Can you begin to plan your own Biography about Charles Darwin?

Below I have attached a planning format for you to use or you may wish to choose your own way of planning and drafting for this piece of writing.

Remember: a biography is a detailed description of a person’s life. It will need several paragraphs and will include information such as birth, early life, education, family, important life events, achievements, an explanation to why they are famous etc.

I have also attached a document that explains the features of a biography so you know what you must include.



A fun learning clip for you to watch today: See closely what mischief Farley gets up to.  Can you pick up any new vocabulary?



Read closely the text based on Matthew 28:16-20

Jesus appeared to his disciples on a number of occasions after the Resurrection.  He greeted them, shared food with them and then he sent them out to continue the message of the Good News.  In Matthew, Jesus is not only reassuring the disciples but telling of their future mission. Read the text attached in the PowerPoint below Matthew 28:16-20.

Imagine you were present in Galilee and heard Jesus’ message about going out to ‘peoples everywhere’. In the light of what you heard, what would you do next? What would you want to teach other people? Can you list your actions as a disciple?


Happy Monday Unicorns – hope you are all okay  X