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Monday 23rd

Good Morning Elves!

I hope you are all keeping safe, it made me feel very sad not to be there for you on Friday but I am positive we will get to spend time together again soon! I am here for you if you need anything, make sure to say hi! You can email anything you want, pictures, work, videos to and it will get to me! I will do my very, very best to email back as soon as I can.

Mr Potts


Be Calm! Be joyful! Be inquisitive!



Question to reflect on: How can we show love to those around us?



Reading – Have a go at reading in the round. Sit in a circle with all the people at home. Pick a book everyone can share and enjoy together. Each person reads a sentence then passes it onto the next person to read a sentence until you have read as much as you want to.

Writing – To finish the work we started last week on instructions, I would like you to write a set of instructions for something you like to eat and how it’s made. Think about the equipment and ingredients you need. I have attached, at the bottom, a list of time connectives and imperative verbs you may want to use. Could you illustrate or add pictures to work? There is an example below of my cheesy pasta.

Phonics – Go to to practice and keep going with sounds. Pick phase 3 and revise all. You can login to the website using the details here: login - march20   password – home





Arithmetic – There is some addition sheets at the bottom to work through. Just refreshing and consolidating our skills.

Investigating – We looked at measuring height last week. This week I would like you to investigate capacity. You can learn about capacity and measuring water and liquid here

Your task is to find and pick 5 things that can hold water from around your house. If you have a measuring jug, measure how much water each one holds and order them from smallest to largest. If you don’t have a measuring jug, estimate how much you think they may hold and order them after.


Calm down

If you need some time during the day to calm down and relax use the links below to gonoodle flow on youtube. There are some links here



Having done reflection maybe this morning, can you create a reflection area and focal point somewhere in your home? Think about making it a calm space, quiet, comfortable, filled with your favourite things, somewhere lots of you can gather. Send some pictures of what you have been able to create.