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Daily Reflection and Music

Monday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Wonderful Pixies, 

Thank you so much for your gorgeous video you made for all the staff and other children. You are all amazing, what a great thing to do! You little superstars!!!! 




-Find a fiction book that you have not read for a long time and spend 10 minutes reading it. 

-Are there any tricky words? How can you work them out?

-Can you draw one of the characters from your book?


-Find the copy of the book from the previous week (Monday week one, resources) and read up to the part that says, ‘and she understood, and she was happy.’ Look at the image also. 

-Have a think………. would you like to live in the Wild? Can you explain why?

-Draw a picture of you in the wild and underneath tell us if you would like to live in the wild or not and why. Try to use and, so, because to join your sentences. There is a template you can use in resources, or you can create your own. We can’t wait to read your reasons. 



-Watch the video clip which will help you with the aw and au sound.

-Can you say these sounds?

-Can you think of some words with these sounds in?

-Play phonics pop, choosing these sounds to find.



-Quick recall of counting in 2’s, counting in 5’s and counting in 10’s.

-Arrays help us with multiplying, counting etc. Watch the video clip to find out what arrays are and how they can help.

-Compete the arrays worksheet in resources, using the apples to help you. 



-Holy days are special times for thinking about  the life of Jesus and about God’ love for us.  The Holy Spirit guides us and gives us strength and courage to share that Good News with others.  Think about any good news that you have had.

-Write a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking him to guide you in spreading the good news.  You could use the template in recourses, or you could write your prayer on the compute etc. Remember how we begin and end our prayers. 

-Create a hat, banner, poster etc that can be used to spread some good news.


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x