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Monday 20th

Good Morning

Hello all you wonderful Elves!! I hope you had great, relaxing Easter and were able to stay safe with your families. It feels very odd not to be welcoming you back in person but I’m sure it will happen soon! If you have taken part in any of the Easter challenges please send through anything you want and I will put it on the website.



Take time to quietly sit, listen and relax thinking about the reflection words.



We are starting a new book this term, The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith. I will be putting up pictures of the book for you to read as well as videos and audio of me reading it to you all. There is a picture of the book below.

Guided Reading – Have a go at answering these questions about that front cover.

  1. What do you think a Hodgeheg is?
  2. Why do you think it is called that?
  3. Does it look like a nice or evil character? Explain your choice.
  4. Where could this story be set?
  5. What time of year may the story be happening?

Writing – Leading on from the start of our new book, I would like you think about these 3 headings:

What I know about the book

What I think I know about the book

What I want to know about the book

You can present and work on this learning however you want, could be a table, a mindmap or a poster or anything else.

SPAG – Below is a poster of conjunctions, words that we use to join clauses. Can you try and put them into sentences? How many of them can you use?



Arithmetic – I would like you to practice your addition today. You can do anything you would like to do this, just practice addition.

Investigation – We are starting a new area of learning this week. We are going to look at statistics, recording and looking at events and things. We are going to start with tally charts. Watch the video here: to see how to create a tally chart. Remember, after you have made 4 marks you strike them through with a fifth. Your task is to create a tally chart for anything you would like at home. Could be your toys, food types, pets, plants or something in your garden. Anything you choose.


RE – We are starting to look at making up and keeping friends. Your first task is create a list of qualities that make a great friend. Think about your actual friends, what is great about them?


A part of being a good friend and being great at school is following rules. These can be rules in a game, in the classroom or at home. I would like you to create a set of rules for a game. This can be a game that exists such as football, hide and seek or a board game. It could be a set of rules for a brand new game you have created. Your rules can be presented however you would like.