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Monday 18th

Good Morning

Hi everyone, welcome to our last week before half term. You have done amazingly well to get to this point and I am so proud of everyone. Remember I am online all day today so if you want to me any concerns, worries, questions or just to say Hi I will be able to get back to you quickly.



We have a new focus for our reflection images this week; we are concentrating on and looking at obedience.

As we start this week, take the time to sit and be still and calm yourselves. Prepare for the week to come and take in the words shared.



Guided Reading – Below is chapter 5. Take time to enjoy it. There is a whole chapter there, it does not have to read in one go and not all of it has to be read by children. Choose how much you read today and how much of that reading you share together. Make it enjoyable for you all.

Writing – What place does Max end up in today? He ends up in the park. The place he has heard Dad talk of in the past. What would be in your dream park? What equipment would it have? What spaces would there be? Would it have specific areas for people? Would it have grass in it? I would like you to create your dream park. It can be a picture, a lego model, a computer model! Any way you can think of, you can do, just show me what your perfect park would look like!

SPAG – This week we are going to look at and explore the four main types of sentences we use when writing and talking. They are statements, questions, commands and exclamations. A statement makes a point or gives a fact/opinion. The cat was eating tuna. This is an example of a statement. A question asks another person something. Do you like peas? A question always ends with a question mark. A command tells you what to do; it is bossy. We find them often in instructions. Cut around the lines carefully. An exclamation is shouted and uses an exclamation mark and begins with what or how. It often shows excitement or amazement. What an amazing goal he scored! There are posters below to help out. Can you have a go at writing one of each type of sentence.



Arithmetic – We are going to go back to counting in amounts, specifically counting in 5s. You can play any game you would like and do it however you would like, just count in 5s.

Recall – we are going back to a topic that we have already covered in school but always needs some practice and revisiting, time. We are going to look back at o’clock and half past. An o’clock time is when the large minute hand points directly at the 12 and the small hour hand is pointing directly at a number. Half past is when the minute hand is pointing at the 6 and the hour hand is half way between two numbers. There is a game at the link here. Make sure you pick on the hour and half hour for the game mode.


RE – We were thinking about and exploring communities last week. What it means to be part of a community, what communities we belong to and how they affect us. The one community we all have in common is our school community, be a member of Stella Maris. What does that mean to you? What does it mean to be part of the Stella Maris. I would you to create anything at all that shows what you believe being a member of Stella Maris means. It can be art work, a song, a dance, a model, a poem, a story, a mind map. Just show us what being a member of the Stella Maris family means to you.