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Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

About 70% of the human body is made up of water.

Welcome back everybody! Hope you all had a smashing Easter break – I am missing you all so much. Thank you for your emails and photos that have been sent through. It’s wonderful to see what you’ve all been up to.

Miss Moore xheart


Arithmetic: I have your favourite to get back into home learning – long multiplication. I have saved the questions to the documents tab below.

For today’s maths please follow the link to the start of the summer term maths home learning. Start with Lesson 1: Vertically opposite angles and have a go at the activity too.


Read the extract on ‘Darwin’ this term’s project would have been ‘Darwin’s Delights’. This comprehension should be a good start to learning about the famous Charles Darwin. Just answer Set A questions today.

See the PiXL Darwin text attached to the documents tab for today.


English /Science / ICT:

Watch this clip and take some notes on Charles Darwin.

Can you complete the research document all about Charles Darwin? See in the documents below.



Listen to the song all about clothes and colours. Can you draw a sketch of yourself and label your clothing with the names of the items and their colour?   



Last weekend was Easter weekend. On Easter Sunday we remember the story of the Resurrection of Jesus to new life.

Spring is a time when we see new life everywhere; the changes in the weather, new plants and animals enter the world. Look at the art images below all based on ‘New Life’. Can you create an art piece yourself thinking about New Life?  


Have a good day Unicorns.  X