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Monday 11th

Good Morning

Welcome back after the weekend. I hope you are all doing well and keeping as safe as you can. I am in school today, so if you want to ring and talk to me that would be fantastic!

Be Creative! Be Yourselves! Be Great!



We begin a new theme this week; we are studying the awe and wonder of God.

Find your calm and quiet place and think about any time you have been left in wonder. Why do you think this was?



Guided Reading – There is chapter 4 below for you to read and enjoy together. Throughout the chapter Max muddles quite a few of this words because of his bang to the head. Can you find and write down some of the words you find that are wrong. Can you write how they should have been said next to them?

Writing – Do you think it was easy to talk and communicate whilst Max could not always get these words in order? We order words in a particular way so everyone can understand the meaning in our words. Try and play Simon says but put all the words in the wrong order or say words backwards. See how easy it is.

SPAG – We are going to look at apostrophes. Apostrophes can be used to join two words together. This is called a contraction. Contractions also lose some letters when they join. There is a matching game below, you have a set of cards that contain 2 words and then on the others are the contractions. Can you match them all up?



Arithmetic – We are going to have a subtraction day today. In the link, is a loop card game. Select subtraction within 100. There is an answer and a question on each cars. You have to get the cards into the correct order.

Investigating – At the end of last week we were exploring and looking at turns. We looked at turns being in either clockwise or anticlockwise. We also measure turns in quarters. A quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn and a whole turn. Have a go at the discussion challenges below.



We begin a new topic this week. We are looking at ourselves inside of groups and how groups are part of lives. We are going to mind map the word community to start. What does that word mean to you? Remember a mind map doesn’t just have to be words, it can be pictures and symbols as well.