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Miss Baker's Weekly Newsletter

Dear Dragons,


This weekend I saw some giraffes! Sometimes I think it is amazing how long you can live in an area and not make the most of what is on offer. Well for the very first time I walked on a public footpath that takes you right past the giraffes at Port Lympne Wildlife Park. We felt very lucky as the giraffes were very close and obviously oblivious to what is going on in the world! We also saw some Gazelles and I think a bison! The views were also spectacular and it was lovely to forget about all the worries at the moment.

In other news- as you know it was my birthday on Friday- thank you for the birthday wishes! And guess what…I received a birthday present of some new shoes. I shall attach a photo of them for you- see if you can tell why I really like them! I have also attached a photo of my new duster- working at home means I notice a lot more dust than normal!

This week is the last week of Term 5. Then it is the May Half Term! I know it must be very tough keeping up motivation with home learning but remember something is better than nothing! My own routine is to still get up every day at my normal time and shower dress as though I were going in to school! No work will be set over half term and I will keep you informed of any changes to the home learning format for Term 6.


Miss Baker xx


P.S Keep an eye out for me on Wednesday's Zoom assembly!