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Miss Baker's Newsletter


Dear Dragons and Dragon Grown- ups:


Thank you all so much for creating the most spectacular video. I am so glad I got to see you all. I was in floods of tears watching it! I really miss all of you and the video made me think about how special each and every one of you are.

Well what a busy week I had last week! In many ways I am even busier than before lockdown. Technology is still not my favourite thing and a bit like the smartboard at school- my computer does not seem to do what I want it to do. As you know paper work is also not my favourite thing and suddenly I seem to have the time to do all of the jobs I have been putting off. I wish I had followed my mum’s advice when she told me to get the tricky stuff done first! However I persevered and got the jobs done that I needed to do. My job this week is to look at the learning you have been doing- I am really looking forward to it!

I have also been busy on the days that I am working in school. Last week I got to see some staff members I hadn’t seen in 4 weeks so I was very grateful for that. Also- on Saturday night Mrs Harrison arranged an online quiz for the Stella Maris Team- it was lots of fun- and guess what- I won!! Whoop!

Finally, grown-ups, please please remember that the work I upload is for guidance only. During these difficult times you are in charge of your child’s learning. Please complete what is manageable for you and your families. You may also find activities you prefer on other school’s websites or the Oak Academy online set up by the government. I really won’t mind if you fancy a change! I totally understand that as time goes on motivation may start to wane- this is understandable but please do not worry- as you know children are very resilient and we will ensure a smooth transition on our return to school- whenever that may be!

Miss Baker x