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Our theme for reflections this week is: ‘Friendship’.


“Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

John 15:13


This is your last week at Stella Maris, or your last week learning from home as a Year 6.

Reflect each day on the key friendships you have and all the memories you have made together during your time at school. Be thankful to God for your wonderful friends and ask for God’s guidance as you begin to make new friends on your next adventure.


This is a special week for you: take care of your friends this week, let them know how special they are, be extra kind and enjoy any time you can together.



HOME LEARNING:  Monday 6th - Friday 10th July 2020



This week I have saved all of the Maths lessons below and included the answers for you to check. This week the focus is on Angles. For each lesson there is as always a video for you to follow and guide you:

Lesson 1: Vertically opposite angles. Video link:

Lesson 2: Angles in a triangle – missing angles. Video link:

Lesson 3: Angles in special quadrilaterals. Video link:

Lesson 4: Angles in regular polygons. Video link:


I have also included an arithmetic test for you from PiXL – your last ever Year 6 arithmetic test!

Remember that for arithmetic you can continue to pick an activity from the ‘Arithmetic’ tab on our class page. Alternatively, you may prefer to do some daily times tables practice on TT Rockstars.



For this week’s spellings, I would like you to look at the words set for week 5 and 6. The same sheet from previous weeks has been attached for you.


Diary Writing: It would be nice if you kept a diary this week – writing down how you are feeling about your last week of school. How has lockdown been for you? Are you excited for the summer? What are you looking forward to most of all? You can use a scrapbook or the exercise book you were given at the start of lockdown. 




Reading our class text ‘Wonder’ – to continue reading until the end of the book.

For children following the text at home you can access an online copy of the book from the following link:

Book review: Can you write a book review up for ‘Wonder’? I have attached a template for you.



Can you write a prayer that can be shared during the leavers’ assembly on Friday? I will pick one or two that can be read out to everyone.

God’s Top Ten: I have saved for you your God’s Top Ten for the Unicorns – work through the ten points and reflect on which ones you have achieved, experienced or felt. There may be some we have not met because of the difficult few months we have all faced. But, turn that into a positive – what have you learnt during that time?



Continue to work through your transition booklet at home – any questions please do not forget to drop Miss Moore an email if you need to:


See if you can find a copy of a Year 7 timetable or map of your school from their website. Can you print this off and start learning how to read them both?



Ensure you keep fit as best you can. In school, we have been playing many team games like rounders. Make sure you enjoy the sunshine and get as much fresh air as possible.