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Hello Imps,

II hope you are still safe and well and so are all your families.  I am missing you all so much.  By now you will know that we are all going to be moving up to the Pixies class together, which I am so happy and excited about.  There is more home learning in the Week 6, term 6 stars below.  Enjoy your week. 

Keep sending in your photos to

Lots of love

Mrs Felicetti 


Please see attached tricky word lists for Tricky Word Slam :)

Friday 15th May -

Go to Children/Video Resources to see a message from me heart

There are some more videos in the Children/Video Resource section.  The Dragons, Pixies and Unicorns have put together their own videos following on from the staff video.  Have a watch as they are really special.  I am missing all the Stella Maris children so much so these videos have really made me smile smiley



Our I Can Sing a Rainbow song is in that section too. If you haven't sent me your bit yet then please try to do it soon.  Thank you.


Still image for this video

Esme's mummy said "The girls absolutely loved watching the video this morning. What a beautiful idea x"

Story Time


If you have a look in the Children/Video Resource Centre I have put a story in Imps Videos.  Look out for Leo's feet! He did a good job of filming me smiley

Mrs Huotari has added a story in the Video Resource Centre too yes 

If you have a look in the Pixies Videos you can see two lovely stories by Mrs Jukes and Mrs McKell smiley



I Can Sing a Rainbow laugh

The new improved version of this video can now be found in the Children/Video Resources section. LATEST UPDATE 2ND MAY!!!!

I still need more Imps to send in a clip of the song.  It would be lovely to have some more boys involved!




Please read every night with your child.

What are the Imps up to?

Send videos, images or messages to be uploaded here. Send them to:

Francis is keeping up with his learning and has written a poem, on his computer, about a stick. I love your poem Francis!

Frances has used pattern sequences to make a leaf and stone code! Great thinking Francis!

Here is a message from Sophia's mummy. Well done Sophia for having so much fun while learning! "Sophia followed a recipe to make a fab cake, we made her house into and ice cream shop and looked at money. The farm picture is completely independent!!! Hope everyone's well, missing you all!"

Here is the video that Kobe wanted to show everyone on our Zoom catch up!  Enjoy everyone!!

Oscar has been practisting his tricky words. Great work Oscar! Very well done :)

In other news the Tooth Fairy has been spotted near Freya's house!

Sophia has been playing pirates and Captain Crompton has stolen her treasure! :0

Kobe went to the woods in search of a Bog Baby.

Kobe has been enjoying practising his counting in a maths game. Great learning Kobe!

Still image for this video

Great number work Esme! Well done! :)

Sophia has been missing her friends and school a lot lately but she has been keeping busy having lots of fun!

Esme made a pie!

Look how busy Lotty has been! So lovely to see your photos of all your learning Lotty :)

Annabelle singing and dancing

Still image for this video

Annabelle writing

Still image for this video
Annabelle had been really busy! Keep up the good work and well done! :)

Jamie's amazing small world figures of The King of Tiny Things :)

Sophia's been working hard! Well done!

Sophia has been busy writing and practising her phonics. Great learning! :)

Sophia's phonics

Still image for this video

Oscar watched There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly. He thought about the sequence of the song and drew the old lady's tummy. Great learning Oscar! :)

Francis built this amazing small world.  Great learning Francis! :)

The king of Tiny Things and a small world. Missing you all. Francis

Orla has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers, built a bug hotel, explored nature and camped out in the garden. She has been super busy. Great learning Orla! :)

Look at Kobe's Caterpillar Cam! A butterfly has emerged from its cocoon.

Still image for this video

Look how much Orla's seeds have grown. She says the pumpkin seeds are the winners at the moment and she is growing some egg heads. Great gardening Orla!

Oscar enjoyed sequencing The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Great learning Oscar! :)

Sophia has been having lots of fun while learning. She's toasted marshmallows, conducted a volcano experiment, found caterpillars and video called Orla to tell her about them! Well done Sophia!! :)

Hi Everyone!


 I found  some old toys and I created THE THREE LITLLE PIGS  scenes and I put them in order.


I hope you like it.


Love, Francis

Captures and documents a sequence of events or experiences using ICT - Look what Francis has been doing!

Look what Kobe found!

So excited to see what the Imps have been up to.  Thanks for sending me the pictures!  If anyone else wants to share what they have been up to just email  Let's keep each other smiling :) 

Hello Mrs Felicetti! This morning I went hunting for minibeasts in my garden. Mummy lifted up a plant pot and I found some worms! We looked some more and found a caterpillar and some monkey peas (woodlouse!) Mummy put them in a jar so I could draw them. I didn't like them very much! Please can you show everyone my Riverdance! I think they will love it!! Missing you all lots! Love from Freya xx

Here is Freya's amazing Riverdance! Well done Freya! You have made me smile and I'm sure everyone else will be smiling too after watching this! :)

Still image for this video

Hello Mrs Felicetti Today we have done some of your phonic activities and did a scavenger hunt and found items round the house, then we priced them up & set up shop and combined it with a maths activity of then adding up the sums with our pasta money. Orla loved watching lady & the tramp last week too and it inspired us to cook some spaghetti to reenact the scene, we’ve been doing cooking from ‘around the world’ so Orla loved eating her Italian spaghetti with tomatoes & prawns. Yum! Hope you enjoy the pictures. Love Orla & Helen x x

Orla bike.MOV

Still image for this video
Orla has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers. Well done Orla!

Orla dance.MOV

Still image for this video
Orla enjoyed Disney dress up and dancing :)

Orla dress up.MOV

Still image for this video
More dressing up and dancing from Orla :)

Hi, Jamie has been busy. He made biscuit bear, went camping in his room and built a box den that he fell asleep in 😊 Christine

Sophia has been busy!

Harry has been working hard writing sentences on his new easel with magnetic letters :)

Sophia has enjoyed Easter!

Esme doing some phonics! Great learning Esme!

Hi Imps! Today I made a boat and sailed it in the river near school. It was fun! Love Esme x

Frank's Easter and his little brother was 3!

Harry has been having lots of fun!

Orla has been busy too and enjoying being outside :)

Lilac has been busy!

Lilac and her brother enjoyed Easter too!

Lilac skateboarding

Still image for this video

Lilac has been busy!

Thank you for these photos Orla. It's lovely to see you are keeping so busy :)

Annabelle has been very busy over the last two weeks, baking, counting and creating a rainbow. She's been reading and writing and putting on Mr Tumble make up! She has also been watching movies and having lots of cuddles with the mummy and keeping her family entertained. Great work Annabelle! :)

Annabelle performing a circus act just like the biscuits in Biscuit Bear!

Still image for this video

Look at what Frank has been up to. It looks like you have been having lots of fun Frank :)

Francis demonstrating some Hulk maths! Good work Francis!!

Jamie has made a beautiful Easter Garden. It's amazing Jamie!!

Jamie and his brother Joshua have been very busy too.  Thank you for sharing your pictures with me, especially the beautiful rainbow :) 

Nancy and her big sister Violet have conducted a science experiment with their mummy. Fantastic Science girls!

Still image for this video

Nancy wrote a Biscuit Bear recipe and made some biscuits. They look so yummy Nancy. Great cooking skills!

Here is a message from Orla and her Mummy:-

Hello Teachers & Imps


We thought we’d share bit of what we’ve been up to this last week!


Orlas been baking lots, we made some yummy healthy breakfast muffins, Orla wrote the ingredients & weighed everything before baking & eating! 


We watched a seal down the beach, collected some stones to paint (hope the video has uploaded ) and did some shadow drawing.

(I've saved the video in the children section in video resources (Imps Videos))

Here are a few pictures of what Kobe’s been up to the first week off of school. We are trying to walk outside everyday. We have been practicing a lot of phonics and practicing writing different words. We have made a big rainbow for our window. And painted self portraits as well. We hope all is well with everyone else. 

Kobe and Meagan



We hope everyone is well. Here is a little of what Alice got up to last week. We also take a daily walk, keeping our distance from others, which is quite easy as it’s so quiet. This really helps our routine and to calm down for the evening.


•Making pizza dough.

•Colouring rainbows to put in the window. Alice also drew rainbows on the outside of our house, in chalk.

• Daily PE with Joe Wicks.

• Bunny plate and Easter prayer card for Nanny.

• Learning numbers outside with chalk and then teaching her toys.

• The best of all, cutting up an old t-shirt.


Stay safe and happy everyone.


Victoria and Alice



Just wanted to say it's been lovely seeing you at the end of the garden and having a chat. 


We wanted to join in and share our first week at home. We hope everyone is well and keeping safe.


Jude has decided to start a project at home, which is about Sea Creatures.


Joel has loved having his brother home from school. They have had lots of fun in the garden together. 


Lots of love 

Jude xx

Francis says "hello" and he has missed everyone.  It looks like he's been having fun while learning.

Freya has been a busy Imp!

Every day we have reflection before we do PE with Joe Wicks. We then read one of Freya's books and she draws a character and copies a piece of text. Mummy is enjoying learning all the phonics songs and we have been singing them together! Freya has been practicing counting in 2s using pegs, we have made a chocolate cake, arts and crafts with egg boxes and plenty of fun in the garden with Toby. We talk about our friends every day and I know Freya is missing you all lots!

Lots of love
Freya and Suzanne xX

 Ted's mummy sent some pictures of what Ted got up to last week! He did some science experiments, some Easter crafts and painted letters with water on the fence.


Ted is missing his friends and teachers a lot and wishes he could be at school

Hello Imps, I am missing you all lots. I have been very busy at home. I have read lots of books, made some biscuit bears out of paper, done some papier-mâché and been on a nature hunt.


I hope you are all safe


Love Esme x