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Good morning Griffins,

We hope to see you at 2pm for a zoom get together. If possible (wireless internet willing) I will show you around school and what to expect when some of you come back on Monday. Hope to see you there.

Today we say goodbye to our wonderful Unicorns and wish them all the best for the future and their new adventures at Secondary School. I am sure you will join me in giving them a big Griffin goodbye!

Reflection today is all about new beginnings.

Take care,

Mr Langley



As you listen to our music today I would like you to read this old Irish blessing thinking about all those children beginning new adventures.



Today complete the BBC Bitesize Friday challenges. The challenges are arranged so that they increase in difficulty as you work through them.

The most suitable questions for Year 5 are 1 to 5. But why don’t you work with your family on the rest of the problems. Do as many as you can! Help each other out.


The question and answer sheets can be found at the bottom of this page.




Many apologies for yesterday, I didn't put the reading resources on the site! So here they are.


There is a reading comprehension to complete in the resources below. There are two sets of questions, A and B, choose one to complete or do both.



How and why singing makes us feel good

Today work your way through this BBC Bitesize lesson.

It is interesting thinking about exercising your voice like you would do your body.

Join in with the vocal exercises to warm up your vocal chords (you will sound a bit silly!) :)

Have fun!