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Daily reflection + music

Take a moment to listen to the music for our last Pixies class reflection today.

Good morning to all our wonderful Pixies. Today is our last day as the Pixies class. It’s not quite the day we had hoped for or imagined but YOU have most certainly been the silver linings amongst the clouds and the storm that we have weathered since the end of March. Our school family is founded on love for one another and in these challenging times, this has certainly raised us up. We are so proud of the loving, caring and sharing little people that you are. Look at the poster above - you are all of these things and more. Take this message with you through the Summer holidays - show kindness and respect to those around you and have faith that we will return to school again soon, to help build God’s kingdom through learning, playing and making friends together. 


Enjoy today’s activities - our last day of home learning before we officially finish for the Summer holidays.


Let's sing our favourite alphabet song for our last Pixies Phonics session! Sing it loud and join in with all the actions that you must know really well by now!

Now have a go at this real and nonsense words activity!

Reading - choose another idea from the reading bingo grid!


Look at the colour wheel above. A colour wheel organises the different colours. Can you name the three primary colours? The other colours are known as secondary colours because these are made by mixing the primary colours, just as we did last week! Now look at the colour wheel again - any two colours that are opposite each other are known as complimentary colours as they are thought to look nice together. Have a go at naming all the complimentary colours by looking at the colour wheel. Try and do it without looking at the answers below.


yellow + purple

red + green 

blue + orange 


Which is your favourite colour combination? Choose a pair and then have a go at painting anything of your choice using just these colours. You may just like to experiment with patterns and symbols, it’s entirely up to you. This is all about experimenting and getting to know colour! You don’t have to use paints, you could use whatever you have at home! 


Wishing all of our lovely Pixies and families a super Summer holiday. There are ideas for activities signposted on the main part of the school website should you wish to use them. Stay safe until you return in September.

Love from Mrs Mackell, Mrs Jukes, Mrs Green and Mrs Welsh xxx