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Good morning Griffins,

Don't forget there is a zoom assembly at 10am for KS2 and then our Science zoom at 10.40am.

If you made an 'egg protector' make sure you show us it. We will discuss the best ways and real-life situations where it is necessary to protect various things.

Hope to see you at 10.00am and 10.40am, if not, have a lovely weekend x



As you listen to our song today I would like you to pray to God about anything that is worrying you and ask for His help if you need it.



Today complete the BBC Bitesize Friday challenges. The challenges are arranged so that they increase in difficulty as you work through them.

The most suitable questions for Year 5 are 1 to 5. But why don’t you work with your family on the rest of the problems. Do as many as you can! Help each other out.


The question and answer sheets can be found at the bottom of this page.


Science Zoom 10.40am

Join us for our Zoom lesson. We will talk about the best ways to protect farmer Tim's eggs.

What real-life situations are similar to this problem.

Where and when might we need to find ways of protecting something from falling?

Show us your 'egg protectors' if you made one.

Look forward to seeing you.



Please find a reading comprehension for you to complete today.

Find it in the resources section below, you can just do one set of questions or complete both sets.



English Comprehension (the last 2 pages have the answers on!)