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Daily reflection + meditation

Good morning Pixies and Happy Friday to you! Enjoy the meditation to start your day and then we hope to see you for the KS1 Zoom assembly. 


Zoom assembly at 9.20amheart



Let's warm up for Phonics by playing Rocket Rescue! Follow the link below:


Today we are going to think about the alternative pronunciation for "u". Can you investigate these words and see if you can sort them into two different groups:


unicorn, plug, but, music, tuba, pudding, hump, bus, unit, under


Now read and answer these silly questions:


Can a unicorn play music on a tuba?


Will it be fun for a duck to use a computer?


Do humans eat their pudding stuck on a muddy cushion?



Reading B I N G O

Between now and the end of the Summer term (Friday 17th July) see if you can complete this reading bingo challenge as part of your daily reading! Have fun :-)


Today we're going to look at colour mixing. Start with the primary colours - red, blue and yellow. Can you try and make:






What will happen if you add white to one of the colours you have made? Will it get lighter or darker? Investigate to see! 


When you have done some colour mixing, paint a picture of your choice! 




🐛 Watch the lovely story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to remind you of the order of the days of the week:


✍️ Now practise spelling each day of the week. You may wish to illustrate the days according to what the hungry caterpillar ate! It would be great to go into Year 2 into September being able to spell the days of the week correctly. If you are already able to do this perhaps you can practise spelling the months of the year instead! 


☀️ Wishing you all a very well deserved and relaxing weekend! Let’s hope the sun makes an appearance at some point! ☀️


Love from

Mrs Mackell, Mrs Jukes and Mrs Welsh xxx