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Daily reflection + meditation

Good morning Pixies! It's Friday already! We might well see some rainbows today or over the weekend as we have rain on the way after such lovely sunshine! Have a good day. Hopefully it will be a slightly cooler one!

Morning meditation

KS1 Zoom Assembly

9.30 - 10.00am 



Today we are thinking about the split digraphs


u_e         e_e


Take a piece of paper. Fold it in half and write u_e at the top of one side and e_e at the top of the other. Now read through this list of u_e and e_e words and see if you can sort them by writing them on the correct side. Talk to your grown up about the meaning of each word and draw a picture next to each word.


cube, delete, Pete, flute, huge, theme, rude, tube, evening, tunes, these, concrete






Continue exploring pointillism and create a rainbow picture using cotton buds and paint or felt tip pens depending on what you have at home. This time be really careful that your dots are neat and not too spread out. Think carefully about the colours! Perhaps you could give this to family member to brighten up their day! 

Practise your fine motor skills with this cutting activity. If you don't have a printer you could draw your own!

Wishing our lovely Pixies and your families a wonderful weekend :-)


Love from

Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx