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Friday: Good Morning Unicornsheart


Today let us pray together:

Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for this beautiful week. For the joy that the sunshine brings. Please help people to keep safe during these difficult times and may they find some happiness in these summer months. 

Lord, Hear our prayer. 



If you have not yet played this week then make sure you log on to TT Rockstars to practise your times tables.

Choose an activity from the arithmetic activities tab – this will have added challenges ready for next week too.



Spelling Test- can you ask a grown up to help test you on this week’s spellings?  Let me know how you get on.



Spend at least 30 minutes reading your own book today – make sure you are up to date with the chapters of Wonder too. We need to be up to Part Three ‘Summer’ by the end of this week.


Transition Activities:

Are there any unanswered questions that you still have about your secondary school? Spend sometime today writing those questions or worries down. You can send them to me or talk to a grown up about them at home. You could make a list of the things you want to do to make sure you are secondary school ‘ready’.

Create a list of questions and if you send them to me, I can contact the schools and answer questions for you.


Friday Fun:

Try to enjoy the sunshine this afternoon and do something that makes you HAPPY!laugh


Wishing you all a SUPER WEEKEND!! heart Love, Miss Moore. xx