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Daily reflection + music (Let Nature Sing by The RSPB)

Good morning Pixies and Happy Friday! As we are outside more with such lovely weather, listen carefully to the bird song around us. What do you think the birds are telling us?! Watch the video by The RSPB. 

The RSPB - Let Nature Sing

Reading - listen to this story which is by the same author as The Snail and the Whale

KS1 Zoom Assembly 

9.30 - 10.00am 


Today we are going to practise the grapheme:


Can you read all of these words:

author, haul, launch, Laura, haunt, August, Autumn, Paul

Do you know what they all mean? Can you put each word into a sentence? Draw a picture using as many of these words as you can! 


We are continuing with our Pointillism theme. Today we are going to try colour mixing too. Choose one colour from the rainbow. Now experiment with adding white - how many different shades of your colour can you make? Now using these colours can you create a dandelion picture using your colours - dotting them with a cotton bud or the end of a paintbrush.


Once you have finished this would make a lovely present for a loved one. You can sign your name in the right hand corner like artists do. If you get chance, email us your paintings as we would love to see them! 


We are going to look at rhyming words again. Print off the words and see if you can add to them to create a rhyming string!

Well done Pixies on a great day and happy weekend :-)


Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx