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I know from talking to your parents that some of you at home are finding lockdown really tough now. I just want you to know that it’s ok to be feeling sad or stressed. You will probably notice that your parents and carers are feeling the same. After listening to the music today go and have a huge hug with your adult and tell them how you are feeling.



LO: Multi-step addition and subtraction problems.

This week we will be recapping some previous learning from the Autumn term.


There is no video today, just work through the sheet.


The worksheets can be found at the bottom of this page with an additional set of questions to work through if you want a change or an additional challenge.



Today, catch up with any English you need to finish from the past few days.


If you have done this, there is a comprehension activity in the resources section below with two different Sets of questions, A and B. The answers are on the last two pages, no peeking!



At Stella Maris we have five important values of LOVE, SHARE, CARE, TRUST and RESPECT.

Today's learning is all about values and the values we see in ourselves.

Find the sheet in the resources section below.

RE sheet