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Good Morning

Hi everyone, how are you? It was fantastic to see so many of you on Zoom again yesterday and to get to share your questions about the book and do some maths together.



Build your reflection and just be quiet and calm for some time.



Guided Reading - Take to day to do a reading task that you would like. You can read any book, with any one and do anything. Just enjoy your reading.

Writing - We are going to try and write our wanted poster today. You need to bring together the work for the whole week. Describe what your pirate looks like, what crimes they have commited and what their ship looks like. You set out this learning however you would like. If you would like the support or inspiration there is a template below.



Arithmetic - Yesterday you practiced taking away a 2 digit number. Today I would like you start with the number 99. Pic a 2 digit number between 11 and 29. Take away your picked number from 99 and then keep taking away that number till you get as close to 0 as you can.

Challenge - Our final day this week is given over to number bonds, we are going to do number bonds to 100! Remember that a number bond is a pair of numbers that equal another all the time. The video is here and the challenge below.


Music - As it pirate theme term I have found the pirate song from Go Noodle for you to sing along to and dance to at home just as we are doing in school