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Daily reflection + meditation

Good morning Pixies. Wishing you all a happy Friday. Try this two minute tree themed meditation 🌳

Tree Meditation Mindfulness


We are thinking about the Pointillism technique of painting this term. Last week we explored making dots using cotton buds and paint to create shapes and lines. This week we are going to have a go at completing a simple picture. Print the outlined picture below and see if you can add dots of colour to it using the Pointillism technique. Alternatively ask your grown up to draw you a simple picture to fill in. 

Spellings (rhyming patterns)

Read the poem “Imagine” below. Do you know what a lark is? What is a hare? Can you identify all the rhyming pairs? Highlight, underline or put a ring around them. Now look at each rhyming pair and see if you can think of another word that rhymes e.g. 


snail, whale + jail

lark, shark +

bee, tree + 

toad, road +

hare, chair +

goat, boat + 

flea, me + 


Now see if you can come up with your own rhyming couplet (two rhyming sentences) for some new animals e.g. 


Imagine a woodlouse 

As big as a mouse! 



Spellings (rhyming patterns)



Today we are going to recap aw 


Follow the link to watch Mr Thorne!


claw, paw, gnaw, law, yawn, straw, draw, strawberry all include the "aw" sound. Practise writing them down using sound buttons. Can you make a poster, game or book using these words?



As we've been thinking about trees in our Science can you find a nice tree to sit underneath and have a read of one of your stories? The weather is nicer at the weekend so you could save this activity until then!


Follow the link and join along with this read along text!


Well done Pixies for a great week especially with all the walking you have been doing too! What superstars you are! Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! 💗


Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx